Pick Your Business Partners Like You Would Pick Your Spouse

Picking the right business partners can be tough. When things go wrong, they go seriously wrong. Here are three simple criteria to find the best partners!
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Four Reasons Why You DON’T Want Me As Your Business Coach

If you want better business results, hiring a business coach might get you the results you want. But there are four reasons why you don't want me!
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Keep It Simple Stupid

When you keep things simple, you get better business results. Avoid people that try to make it more complicated than it needs to be.
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The Difference Between A Business Coach And Consultant

Choosing between a business coach and consultant may be confusing. Find out the three questions to ask yourself before making a decision.
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How Well Do You Know Your Competition, Really?

Do we really know our competition or are we just guessing? Find out how knowing what your competition is really about can improve your business.
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What Does A Business Coach or Business Mentor Do?

Having a business coach can help you improve your business to get the results you want. But what exactly does a business coach do? Find out in this article.
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