With Purdeep Sangha

Episode 19 – How Men Can Overcome Self-Sabotage

Masculinity is under attack today, more than ever before in history. As a result, a lot of guys have eternalized the negative vision of men held by society at large, leading them to suffer from self-doubt in their careers, their personal lives, and their love

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Episode 18 – Navigating All the Bad Information

Your decisions can only be as good as the information you use to make them with. But in today’s world of biased media, social media echo chambers, and reality-distorting technologies… how can you know that the information you’re working with is even accurate? Trust me,

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Episode 17 – Finding Your Flow State

Stuff is so much harder when you’re trying to force it. In fact, the more you force, the more resistance you’re met with. But when you’re in flow, things become easy. Energy is abundant. Ideas spring forth from the ether. When you’re in flow, good

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