With Purdeep Sangha

Episode 2 – The Pitfalls of Virtual Communications

The better you can master your own communication skills, the more influence you have over yourself and others. In the world of increasing digital communications, these skills are more important than ever. Entire careers have been lost over a single tweet. This week, we explore

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Episode 194 – Finishing Strong (Final Episode)

Your brain suffers from something called “recency bias.” It means that the more recently something happened, the more importance you perceive to have. If something goes smooth for the first 80% of the way, and the last 20% is a struggle, you’ll remember the whole

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Episode 192 – The Life-Changing Power of PERPOM

What if there were a simple formula to help you accomplish anything you set your sites on? Well, there is. It works with health goals, money goals, family goals, relationship goals, and just about anything else you might be struggling with. The most successful people

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Episode 191- Self-Care for Men

Ladies aren’t the only ones who need self-0care from time to time. Us guys tend to push ourselves beyond our limits, burn the candle at both ends, and work ourselves into the grave. To be a high-performing man, you need to take care of yourself…

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