“Purdeep helped me uncover tens of thousands of dollars in revenue in just one month.”

— Frank Kern, World Renowned Marketer & Owner of Kern Media

Coaching & Consulting


Working one-on-one in a personal coaching setting allows you to maximize the input Purdeep can have in helping you enhance your business.

Purdeep offers advice and counsel on creating a knock-out business strategy & innovation, stellar marketing & sales tactics, client experience enhancements, building high-performance teams, streamlining business operations and building a success mindset & leadership.

He also serves as an accountability partner in helping you achieve your goals and a thought partner in conceiving and creating remarkable business results.


Working across every discipline in your organization, Purdeep will lead your teams/departments to identify bottlenecks, barriers, and opportunities for improvements and provide proven solutions and tactics to capitalize on your growth potential. Purdeep helps builds internal buy-in for the co-creation of remarkable business enhancements to break through your business plateaus.

Collaborating with your team makes the organizational and individual commitment deeper and more lasting. Internal champions are identified and empowered to manage and enhance your future business results.


Have Purdeep speak to your audience on how to build a Better Bigger Faster business. Purdeep is a leading expert that can educate and entertain your audience on many business topics including: creating a killer business strategy, innovating for the future, building a marketing & sales strategy that actually works, turning your clients into your raving Super Fans, creating a competitive advantage through business operations and building a successful business with the right mindset.

Whoever the audience, be assured that Purdeep will get them on their feet.

Why Work With Purdeep?

Coaching & Consulting with Purdeep

Business Is About Getting RESULTS

If you’re looking for serious business results, look no further. Nothing is more important than moving your business towards the goals that you want to achieve. There are way too many “fluff” business coaches, mentors and consultants that provide great service with little results. Purdeep is all about moving the needle for you and his reputation is built around results.

Break Through Your Chokeholds And Plateaus

Every business has “sticking” points or “bottlenecks” regardless of whether you see them or not. Even if your business is cruising at 100 miles per hour and attaining great results, there are guaranteed opportunities for you to create greater momentum. Purdeep is an expert at taking great organizations to be “the best”!

Avoid Wasting Valuable Resources

Your business success is determined by the decisions you make on how to utilize your resources. Every business has limited resources and it’s vital to use them effectively and efficiently. Avoid the COSTLY mistake of wasting valuable resources. Solve your business challenges and capture opportunities faster and better by having a professional business mentor like Purdeep by your side. Through his extensive experience, knowledge and problem solving abilities, you will have better resource effectiveness and efficiency. Why waste your money, time and energy when you don’t have to?

Work With Someone Who Cares

Having an expert that gets you results, truly cares, is vested in your success and has your best interests at heart gives you the confidence to put your business in the hands of the best person possible. Purdeep understands the impact of business success on your personal life and helping you have a better business is not his hobby, it’s his passion.

Exclusive Online Membership

Join our exclusive online membership for business owners, entrepreneurs and business leads. You’ll have the ability to get answers directly from our experts in our live weekly video webinar calls. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded business leads within the membership group.

Investment: $49/month

Live Workshop

Learn how to take your business to the next level in our intense live 3-day event. We’ll do an in-depth review of your business choke-holds to identify solutions and create your custom blueprint for execution. This isn’t your average workshop! We’re there from morning till night until you leave with what you came for.

Investment: $6,997

One-On-One Coaching

We work with a limited number of private, 1-on-1 coaching clients. The typical coaching program runs 4-12 months and includes a series of hour-long phone/Skype sessions. Sessions are designed to include coaching, consulting, and education/learning aimed towards building your blueprint for success.

Investment: $1,500-$10,000/month

Exclusive Mastermind

In this 12-month exclusive program, join a group of highly-motivated business owners, entrepreneurs and business leads who will be coached by our experts towards their annual goals. This program is structured for collaboration, innovation and accountability within the group. Participants will meet live three times per year.

Investment: $2,500/month


Onsite problem solving, solution development and training with you and/or your team/department in areas such as strategy creation & execution, innovating for the future, streamlining operations for a competitive advantage, turning your clients into raving Super Fans, marketing & sales that get results, and building a success mindset & leadership.

Investment: $10,000/day + expenses