The Difference Between A Business Coach And Consultant

Is there a difference between a business coach and consultant? Absolutely!

In complete transparency, our firm Better Bigger Faster provides business coaching and consulting. We have tried to take an unbiased approach to writing this article as both business consultants and business coaches can get great results.

Hiring a business coach or a consultant is dependent on the type of results you are looking for, the type of relationship you want with the professional and how much work you want to do versus the person you are hiring.

The Three Questions To Ask Yourself

The first thing is to know what you want. Are willing to do most of the work yourself or do you want someone to do the work for you? A business coach will guide you along the way, give you insight, tactics, strategies and advice. You will be responsible and accountable for implementing and executing. On the flip side, most consultants offer done-for-you services where they advise and implement and execute for you. However, for the work completed by a consultant to be effective, you will still be responsible and accountable for part of the implementation and execution.

Second is to determine the type relationship you want with the person. Do you want a long-lasting relationship or do you want a short-term relationship? Most consultants do their job and leave. They help you overcome your challenge or enhance what you want to enhance and then move on to their next project or client. Because consultants have specific expertise, they can typically only help you with a specific area of business. If you need help in another area of your business, you may have to hire a different consultant. The relationship with a business coach will last longer as they typically have a broader knowledge and skill base to help you in numerous areas of your business. Because business coaches have broader skills and understanding of business, they can tie in the overall strategy and execution of your business in a holistic approach to help improve your business as a whole.

What level of expertise are you looking for? Coaches are known to have a high to mid-level knowledge of specific business disciplines. Coaches can give you insight to get you going in the direction you want to go. They can also help you improve if you are not getting the results you want doing what you are currently doing. Consultants are known to be experts in their discipline. They can help you refine your strategy, tactics and execution to the detail. Imagine that you want to be a great basketball player. If you want to be a great player, the team coach can help you do this. But if want to refine your free throw shots specifically, you may want to get a free throw expert. This is the difference in expertise between a coach and consultant.

Is There A Difference In Cost Between A Business Coach Or Consultant?

Both business coaches and consultants can cost roughly the same. Both can charge a significant amount if you find a good one. Pricing isn't necessarily a factor for choosing one over the other.

Both may charge per hour, per day, per project or per month. Both may also offer a monthly membership program as well.

How do you decide?

Your decision should be based on your answers to the above questions and your personal situation and preferences.

If you're unsure, there is good news. Some professional coaches or consultants offer both? You can find consultants that provide coaching as well. You can also find business coaches that are experts in specific business areas. You are getting the best of both worlds.

Choosing between a business coach or business consultant is the easy job. The tough part is finding a good one that can get you results. Pick wisely as not all consultants or coaches are equal in skill and ability. Find someone that has a track record of success.

Purdeep Sangha – Founder, Better Bigger Faster

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