Four Reasons Why You DON’T Want Me As Your Business Coach

A Business coach is a dime a dozen and for this reason, I may not be the right coach for you.

Why Having Me As Your Business Coach May Not Work:

1) "Coaching" is a saturated industry – You can find a coach anywhere and more business coaches are sprouting up wherever you look. It's one of the easiest businesses to start and anyone can become a business coach, even if they don't have any experience.

Perhaps more people are getting motivated from watching Tony Robbins "I Am Not Your Guru" documentary and becoming coaches overnight. I'm a huge supporter of people doing what they are passionate about but the industry standards are virtually non-existent.

You may not know how good or bad of a coach I really am. I don't blame you. It may feel like eating out in a third world country. You just don't know what the food regulations are (if any) and if you can really trust what you're eating. So you would have to try me to really find out whether I can help get you the results you want for your business.

The good thing is that there are so many coaches available that there is no shortage of selection to choose from.

2) My standards are way too high – I hold myself to the highest standards as well as everyone I work with. If you're going to be successful in your business, you have to give it 110%. I'm not talking about the "hustle". Instead, you must be willing to try new things and take advice and direction.

You must be willing to learn and grow as a person and business owner to work with me. There is ZERO room for egos. As much as I would like to think I know it all about business, I don't. But I do spend the majority of my time working with and researching the best businesses around the world to find out.

I have dropped some of my highest paying clients because they or their executive teams couldn't get past their egos. I would rather work with a broke business owner who is motivated than a rich business owner who has his or her head stuck up their _ss.

3) You may not get the results that you want – A coach that promises results is not a coach. Coaches are here to guide you, not do the work for you. If a coach guarantees results, RUN for the hills!

The challenge with having a business coach is that you are responsible as the client to get the job done. The coach is there to guide you in the right direction and give you the insight and tools you need. If you're not going to take your business seriously, neither am I. The accountability and responsibility to execute is in your hands.

Results come from consistent actions in the right direction. There is no quick fix. This does not mean that you won't have quick wins. You just have to be prepared to put in consistent effort, deal with challenges and be called out on your "crap" to get to your end goal. Your results are more dependent on you than me so you must be absolutely motivated and committed or nothing will happen.

4) I charge a lot – If you can afford it, I will charge you a lot and you may be on a waitlist. Only because I know what I bring to the table and the business results my clients receive along with the positive impact on their personal lives.

When it comes to a business coach, you do get what you pay for. If you're looking for a cheap way to get business advice, go online. Seriously, there is tons of information available to help you improve or grow your business.

But if you're looking for the real deal, be prepared because great business coaches are not cheap. Even I have a business coach and I am embarrassed to share how much I pay for getting his help. Although, it costs me a lot less to work with him than be stuck with the challenges that I'm overlooking.

Time, energy, headaches, manpower and capital are valuable resources that must be utilized effectively. That's where a business coach can help you be more successful. Hiring the right business coach can far outweigh the costs associated. But if you're looking for a discount deal, it may or may not work out for you.

My wife hates when I do this because she says that I help more people for free than I charge. I do have a weak spot for people that are struggling in business. If you are struggling and can't afford an expensive business coach, please contact me and I can get you going in the right direction. I may not work with you long-term but I can give you insight to get you past what you are currently dealing with.


Every business owner faces challenges and can use the insight and guidance from a professional business coach. Not all business coaches are equal but you do have a lot to choose from. Choose wisely!

Have a great day!

Purdeep Sangha – Founder, Sangha International

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