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Meet Rob!

Robert Morgan is a 49-year-old, 5th generation Canadian. Married with 4 kids, Rob is the definition of a family man. Rob has been a business owner for nearly 20 years. 10 years ago, Rob was diagnosed with diabetes, later progressing to type 2. Although doctors said he couldn’t reverse it, Rob was extremely driven and focused and worked for years researching and speaking with specialists and in the course of 10 years, has successfully reversed his diabetes. This extreme feat of strength led to Rob’s current business, Nutritional Exercise and Wellness Inc, where Rob, the Diabetic Buster, works to help clients battle against and reverse diabetes.

Life Before Purdeep

I’ve been a business owner for two decades and know the importance of coaching in this industry. My biggest challenges prior to meeting Purdeep were primarily based in confidence, mainly the confidence to go out and sell, to put myself and my business out there. I’d had coaches prior to Purdeep but due to costs, I went a year and a half without a coach and struggled because of it. During that time, I went to a seminar on coaching and posed the question, ‘would you go into debt to have coaching?’. Their answer convinced me and coaching officially became a priority.

Why Purdeep?

I was introduced to Purdeep at a networking event and felt an immediate connection with him. Both being visible minorities immediately drew me to him as someone that could relate to me and someone that I could trust to understand me and my circumstances. When we met, I received a copy of his book and I dove in, read his blogs, listened to his podcasts and everything I was learning really resonated with me. Personal connections are so important in a coach as that person becomes a central figure in your personal and work life. I’d had coaches in the past but with many of them, I didn’t feel much of a connection. Purdeep was unique in that I felt an immediate connection and draw to him.

What is it like working with Purdeep?

First and foremost, Purdeep understands men. Our first meeting placed a lot of importance on my first impression and that was mainly visual, making a visual connection with someone I felt I could relate to and work with. Working more with Purdeep, I was introduced to his personality and demeanour which very much impacts his work and his ability to help his clients. Purdeep is extremely personable and through his understanding of men, was able to help me and give me guidance without ever making me feel judged. Being a sensitive guy, Purdeep allowed me to open up to him from a personal standpoint in a way that I may not have felt comfortable doing with another coach. He never made me feel as though he were better than me, he was always a partner, an ally.

I always struggled mostly with a lack of confidence to reach out to people and potential clients. Purdeep would give me real life scenarios to work through as a way to pull me out of my shell and try to build my confidence. We discussed meditation and working with my subconscious and he supplied me with many resources and books to read. A lot of what we did had to do with the brain and how the brain works, Purdeep would often reference how the brain works as a way to get me to try different methods. Knowing full well the capabilities of the human body, Purdeep’s methods really resonated with me. I felt really good working with Purdeep and truly believe he helped me.

What advice do you have for men considering working with Purdeep?

Purdeep 100% knows what he’s doing. His demeanour and personality is what I was looking for, he perfectly fit my description of the ideal coach. He is literally one of the nicest people you will ever meet, he has integrity and is honest and sincere. He is a family man and understands how to reach men who are driven in business but also love spending time at home with their family.



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