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Meet Warren

Warren Sarafinchan is married with three university aged children. An avid runner, Warren used to run marathons and continues to live his life with that same dedication and drive. Through his work, Warren has been fortunate to travel often and has developed a love of it, visiting every continent. A year ago, Warren joined the BC Tree Fruits Cooperative as the Chief Executive Officer and has spent that time transforming and reinventing the cooperative and how it’s managed.

What was business like before working with Purdeep?

The BC Tree Fruits Cooperative is a community first and foremost. Each grower family provides the best possible fruit while the professional side of the coop promote, package and transport the brand to customers. This relationship is crucial and when I came on board, the communication and exchange with growers was far from where it should be. I knew that needed to change in order for the us to succeed.

Why Purdeep?

Purdeep was a part of a grower meeting call and had noticed we were lacking in our relationship with our growers.  He had some suggestions and the Chair of the Board ultimately reached out to Purdeep to officially consult us. We could immediately tell that he was clearly a businessperson and was thinking differently about the situation than any of us had. He also had a personal connection to the community that truly made a difference to us as we knew he wanted the best for both sides of the coop.

What is it like working with Purdeep?

Purdeep absolutely exceeded our expectations. He has been insightful, provocative and challenges us hard to be better than who we were before. He has a mind for business and goes about situations with a practiced and analytic mind that adapts to different situations. He knows how and when to pivot and helps us pivot. He is a unique and specialized thinker that went about our situation in a new and successful way that has really made a difference for us.

What impact did working with Purdeep have on your business?

Purdeep helped us develop a new strategy to engage the coop’s grower families. He has brought in new ideas and helped us implement them. He doesn’t simply coordinate changes and ideas; he brings in leadership and has a hands-on approach. Purdeep has coached us along the way through the entire process to ensure we worked as effectively as possible.

What advice do you have for people considering working with Purdeep?

I would advise you to be open to challenges and very reflective. Be self-aware and let your guard down. You need to figure out a plan that works best for you and that always starts by accepting that you need to improve.



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