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Meet Sohaib!

Sohaib is 34 years old, has been happily married for 12 years and has 2 wonderful sons. Growing up with a speech impediment affected the way Sohaib learned, leading to him moving around schools often. After high school, Sohaib attended university but left after one year which challenged him as he tried to succeed professionally. With few options, Sohaib began working for his family business, Insufab Systems in 2008 and remains there today. In 2016, Sohaib decided to take a leap and started his own venture by starting Sokha Group Lending Inc. 4 years later, he is successfully navigating both business and has plenty of time to dote on his wife and kids.

What was life like before working with Purdeep?

Growing up with a speech impediment and moving schools constantly affected my learning and my soft skills. I felt I lacked the confidence and assertive abilities needed to be successful in business. Balancing two business and a family was very challenging and I often found work infringing upon my personal life and vice versa. I needed help with my confidence, organization, abilities and work-life balance – I wanted to finally ‘feel like an entrepreneur’ which led to personal coaching.

Why Purdeep?

I had worked with and considered other coaches before Purdeep but none of them worked for me. I found they were all very ‘cookie-cutter’. Each coach I worked with had a guidebook they followed that they believed would make all of their clients successful without any consideration to the client’s specific circumstances. I had yet to find a coach who personalized a plan for me and my needs. Purdeep was different. Purdeep focused on me as an individual and worked hard to become the perfect coach for me. Everything about Purdeep’s approach was personalized for me and my challenges so that I could reach my fullest potential. With a coach who creates a new plan for each client, I could finally reach my goals.

What is it like working with Purdeep?

Purdeep went above and beyond all of my expectations. We are still working together after a year and Purdeep has met every measure, his coaching style has never disappointed. Since meeting Purdeep, my confidence has skyrocketed. I make better, more informed decisions and am no longer doubting myself. With new organization skills and compartmentalization, I am navigating two businesses and spending quality time with my family without having to make sacrifices. Before working with Purdeep, I was looking for a CNC machine. Because of self-doubt, over-thinking and a negative outlook on decisions, I put off purchasing the machine for 5 years! Within one year of meeting Purdeep, he taught me to be confident in myself and my decisions and think positively. I purchased the machine and it has greatly improved my business. Purdeep has helped me achieve so many of my goals and I finally feel like an entrepreneur!

What advice do you have for men considering working with Purdeep?

New clients should remember to be very open and Purdeep will take you to the next level. Put your trust in Purdeep and trust the process. Have confidence in yourself and your own abilities. If anyone wants to thrive in life and business, Purdeep is the perfect fit!



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