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Let’s dive right in. What challenges were you facing before you started working with Purdeep?

There were so many challenges, but probably the biggest one was that I used to have a business partner and after she moved on, I struggled with managing both the big picture for my business and the details. I didn’t have anyone to bounce my ideas off or support me. Eventually, some negative thinking started to creep in. I started feeling overwhelmed. And then on top of that, COVID hit and my bottom line was really suffering.

What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try something new?

Well, I knew that I was struggling but I didn’t know what to do about it. There were so many little things that I needed help with, and I needed someone to help me address them all. I had done some business coaching through DVDs and other programs with photography-specific professionals, but even that didn’t cover all my bases.

I met Purdeep and he presented me with what I would later learn was an “irresistible offer”. So, I took a chance and booked a meeting with him.

What was your first meeting with Purdeep like?

I came into the meeting not exactly sure what to expect. Like I said, I had never done in-person coaching before. I sat down with Purdeep and he told be about his background. I found his experience with neuroscience the most interesting. That is something I hadn’t really thought about before. And then we talked about my goals and what I was looking for. After that first meeting, I knew I wanted to establish a long-term coaching relationship.

What is it like working with Purdeep?

It was different from what I had experienced in the past, so I had to get used to it. I wasn’t used to someone keeping me accountable. He doesn’t just help you figure our what to do, how to set goals and all that, he checks in and makes sure you are continuously working towards your goals. I’m comfortable with the accountability now and I see why it’s so important. At the same time, he’s a husband and he is a father who loves his kids, so he’s still very down to earth.

What are your favourite features and why?

Purdeep has a very unique skill set. His knowledge of neuroscience and psychology, his experience with big clients, his overall business know-how is what sets him apart from other coaches. He really is the total package.

Goal setting is very important to me. Purdeep helped me sort out both my short- and long-term goals for my business and personal life. And when I reach those goals, he helps me create new ones.

Purdeep’s philosophy is that as the business owner, I should be doing the fun stuff. When you are a small business owner you are used to doing everything. My business has grown with Purdeep’s coaching, and now I don’t have to get stuck doing the administrative work. Between setting up systems and hiring staff, we have made it possible for me to focus on what I love about my work: my clients and photography.

How has it helped you overcome the challenges you mentioned before?

My father used to say, “Nothing is, but thinking makes it so.” One of my biggest challenges was my negative thinking patterns. Purdeep has helped me deal with that. Usually, I’m quick to say “I can’t do that”, and he says, “Well, why not? Let’s talk about that.” I feel more confident now, and I have a more positive outlook.

In terms of my business goals, even with COVID, I have matched my June and July numbers from last year. There was a time when I didn’t think that would be possible.

Purdeep is also helping me tackle my personal goals, like owning a rental property. And because I know that my business is ok and that it is growing, I have much less stress and I spend less time worrying about the future. My mind is clear and more able to focus on what I want to do. It’s not just about my business now, I can have a life too! And it can be fun.

What advice do you have for those considering coaching with Purdeep?

It’s an investment that is totally worth it, both financially and personally. I walk out of every meeting with Purdeep excited to do my work. I have high expectations for our meetings, and its even better than I expect it will be. Don’t hesitate. Just do it.



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