The Three Questions Wealthy Men Ask Themselves

The Three Questions Wealthy Men Ask Themselves

There’s a common pattern amongst wealthy men. It’s a pattern that defies most rhetoric that people spew out on social media like: “you must struggle through adversity”, “you have to hustle and grind” or “pain and suffering is part of the journey.” The men who are most wealthy do things that are pleasurable for them. They also spend a lot more time doing things that are pleasurable, than doing things that are not pleasurable. In fact, they avoid doing the unpleasurable things all together.

Pleasure Leads To Power, Power Leads To Being Wealthy

There’s a specific method of reaching high-performance I teach men so that they get more done with less effort and resources. They can easily double their productivity and cut their execution time in less than half. This applies to both your work and business life. I call it “The Complete Zone.” It’s the zone where you are completely immersed in what you’re doing and you come up with genius ideas. It’s the zone where your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being is performing at its best. It’s also when the universe provides you with what you need. It knows that you are completely aligned with your vision and instead of struggling to achieve your goals, they are drawn towards you like a magnet. Think of that time when you needed something that was important to your success, and out of the blue, it just showed up somehow. That’s the universe responding to you.

There is one key element that must be present for you to be able to enter The Complete Zone and that is pleasure. Men who do things that are not pleasurable for them rarely get in this zone and remain poor. Men who do things that are pleasurable, get in this zone more often, become more productive and impactful, get greater results and become more wealthy. It’s a state of true power.

The First Question

The first question wealthy men ask themselves is “what does being wealthy mean to me?” For some men, being wealthy means having a lot of money. For other men, it means having a happy and healthy family. You must be clear on what you want from your life and what wealth means. Do not allow another man’s definition to cloud your meaning and judgement.

The Second Question

The second question wealthy men ask themselves is “what do I enjoy doing?” When you do things you enjoy, you feel wealthy automatically. Imagine your life if all you were doing were things and activities that you enjoy. Sounds too perfect doesn’t it? Well then, let’s just say that you spent 90% of your day and life doing things you enjoy doing. What would your life be like? I’ve seen men dramatically improve their happiness, relationships and even health by shifting their focus over to activities they enjoy doing more often. You were meant to enjoy your life. It’s not meant to be a life sentence.

The Third Question

The third question that wealthy men ask themselves is “do I get immediate pleasure from the result of what I’m doing.” For example, if you don’t like the process of making sales but you like the feeling that immediately follows closing sales, then you’ll still be able to get into The Complete Zone. But let’s say that you don’t like the process of making sales; you don’t get immediate pleasure after closing a sale; but you do like the money that comes along with it. That’s not enough. You must enjoy the activity or the immediate result because otherwise you lose motivation to do the activity. When you lose motivation, you lose the drive, creativity and the universe doesn’t respond as well. You don’t get the same productivity and results as someone who enjoys the activity or someone who immediately enjoys the results of the activity.

Let’s continue with the sales example to clarify even further. When I train sales team, I know who loves closing sales and who doesn’t. The guy who loves closing sales has a huge smile on his face and he’s energized. The guy who doesn’t love making sales but loves the money, feels relieved by making the sale. He doesn’t have that same drive and hunger. Are you hungry and energized?

You Need To Be Honest To Be Wealthy

It’s critical for you to be honest with yourself when asking the three questions. Many men makes excuses for doing activities that are not pleasurable because they feel that they don’t have the resources to have someone else do them, no one else can do it as good as them, or other reasons that make sense but aren’t completely true. There is always a way.

You want to do things that are pleasurable for you and you want people to do things that are pleasurable for them. More pleasure for everyone creates greater creativity, unity, impact, results and ultimately WEALTH. People who do things they don’t enjoy stump their growth and progress. Bottom line!

There is always someone else out there who loves to do what you hate to do. If you hate doing reports, there is someone out there who loves doing reports. If you hate making sales, there is someone out there who loves making sales. And there is always someone out there who can or will be able to do the things you hate to do better than you. You need to build your life around this principle of pleasure and build your team around it as well. You’ll have greater team performance and your employees will have greater loyalty to your organization. It’s a win-win for everyone!


The men who are most wealthy focus on pleasure. It’s as simple as that. You get more done and you enjoy your life more.

Now go do things you enjoy!


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