How To Stay Committed To Something You Hate Doing

How To Stay Committed To Something You Hate Doing

Have you struggled with doing something that you know you should be doing? Whether it’s working out, eating healthy, making sales calls or anything else that isn’t the most favorite thing on your list? If you have, you’re normal. Every man feels this way about some thing. The question is… why are some men easily able to do things that you find difficult? The opposite is true as well. You may be able to do things that other men find difficult.

The Magic of Discipline

My grandfather was in the military for three decades before he retired. I’m sure he would not have retired if the Indian government didn’t have a mandatory retirement at that time. He was the most disciplined man I know to this day. He taught me the importance of discipline and how it creates character for men. I didn’t realize the degree of importance of discipline until I noticed that other men around me didn’t have the same level of discipline that I have. I would constantly get asked “Purdeep, how are you able to get so much done?”

In ancient Indian teachings, discipline leads to joy in life. The simple formula is:


When you choose to be disciplined with a particular practice, you have freedom. By choosing to do something that you find difficult, you are using your free will versus some external circumstance forcing you to do it. You become the master of your world and therefore you have freedom. It’s the difference between eating healthy by choice vs. having to eat healthy because you just had a heart attack. As a man, one of the most precious elements of life is freedom, to do what you want, when you want. A man who is bound against his will is not The Complete Man, he’s incomplete and will feel it deep in his core. With freedom comes true joy in life.

Who You Are vs. What You Do

Yoga is a well known discipline, now more formally practiced in the West. It’s a highly disciplined practice. Based on the Indian teaching, the word “yoga” stems from the Sanskrit word meaning “yuj” which means “to unite.” When you are disciplined, you unite yourself with the activity you are performing. You are no longer separate, you are one. When you are one, it becomes you. The activity is no longer and activity, it’s part of who you are, your core identity and being.

Once it becomes a part of your identity, it’s much easier to do. You don’t need to think twice about it. You just do it! I don’t think about working out or eating healthy, it’s just part of my day. I don’t need to schedule it in, because for me it’s like breathing. I don’t schedule my breathing, I just do it. If I don’t do it, it feels like I’m not being myself. I cringe when guys say “That’s just not who I am.” Then make it who you are! Turn the activity that you have trouble doing into part of the man you are. Make it part of your character and identity.

A Few Tips To Get You Going

If you’re having difficulties getting yourself started, here’s a few tips for you:

  • Set a goal – Your mind is a goal oriented organ. It needs a goal to align with. Without a goal, you won’t have the determination.
  • Make it easy to do – At the beginning, make it easy and convenient to do. If you’re thinking about working out, get some dumbbells at home to start.
  • Start up energy – Remember that every activity you perform requires some start up energy. Working out requires you to change your outfit and drive to the gym. It’s something simple, yet it can deter you if you don’t have the energy to start up. Ensure that you have high energy to start.
  • Start small – Ease your way into the activity. If you’re thinking about working out, start with a 20 minute workout for the first few days and gradually increase.
  • Enjoy the process – The key is not to get in and get out. You must enjoy the process somehow. Find the little things you enjoy when you do it.
  • Optimal challenge – If it’s too hard or too easy, you won’t continue. Find the right degree of challenge which is typically a seven out of ten if you were to rate it.
  • Reward yourself – Immediately after you perform the activity, reward yourself. It trains your brain to want to do it the next time.


Turn what you hate to do into what you enjoy doing by simply making it part of your core identity. Not only will you grow and advance your character, you will develop a greater degree of self-esteem and confidence along the way!

All the best!

Purdeep Sangha

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