How Trump Is Making THE WORLD Great Again…And Why He’s The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Alpha Males!

How Trump Is Making THE WORLD Great Again…And Why He’s The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Alpha Males!

Are you a Trump fan?

If you are, you might as well stop reading this.

It’s no doubt that Trump is changing the world. His unconventional approach to shaking things up and upsetting people is highly effective. And his leadership will impact the world for generations to come!

The world will be a better place because of him. BUT not for the reasons you think! He’s causing more men to step up and speak out but not the way he expects.

Here’s Why!

His leadership is a HORRIBLE example of what it means to be an ALPHA MALE. In fact, his actions are the complete opposite. His behavior is more like an injured and cranky bully who forces his authority on others to get what he wants.

Not only has he pissed off women and human rights activists, he’s pissed off real men like you across the globe. The TRUE alpha males want no association with him. To call him an alpha male would be an insult to honest, generous and forward-thinking male leaders.

He’s Giving A Bad Rap To All Alpha Males

An alpha knows that he’s an alpha. He doesn’t need to bark or show his dominance over innocent people. He uses his presence to influence others, not his authority. However, the terms “alpha” and “masculinity” are getting lumped into the same sentences that include Trump. The term “toxic masculinity” is flying around like we are the plague of the century. I am tired of hearing this #@$%. Masculinity is not toxic and neither is being an alpha male. Ask my wife. She prefers the dominant and masculine side of me all day long. And if that’s not enough, talk to the women who bought 125 million copies of “Fifty Shades Of Grey”. Who would’ve thought that women want a man who takes charge?!

Simply put, Trump in no way, shape or form represents an alpha male! He just wants to be one so bad, he’s lost his marbles. In the process he’s giving good men a bad rap.

Don’t Mess With Our Children

If you’re a father, you know how scary it is to raise children. You’re tough enough to handle the things that come your way. But you wonder if you’re children will be. What will the world be like if Trump continues to beat down human rights and the environment? What will happen if he continues to fuel the divide between ethnicities and the human race. A man with his power should NOT be dividing people. He should be uniting them which he has completely failed to do. Except for the ones who hate themselves so they have to hate everyone else as well.

Yes, people are shooting each other in broad daylight for no reason. Yes, global warming is REAL and it is impacting how we live. Yes, animals are going extinct. Yes, minorities and other groups are being discriminated against. Yes, more and more men are afraid to be men based on the fear of being thrown into the “toxic masculinity” or #Metoo movement. Yes, right now, men are LOSING. We are losing what we were meant to do which is take charge and lead in a noble and mindful way. And yes, we are the cause of all of this!

The question you have to ask yourself is…

What will life for your children be like in 20 years if we continue down this path?

What’s Next?

Here’s the good news. The conversations are happening. They may not be happening as much as we need them to, but they are happening. But we need more action. As men, that’s what we are good at. Getting stuff done!

The tide is about to turn and mindful alpha males will take back charge. It’s only a matter of time but it requires you to act NOW. There are other men out there who have had enough just like you. Your soul tells you that you were meant to live out a purpose bigger than you are now. Maybe you have found it, maybe you haven’t. But part of that purpose is ensuring that we unite as men and make this world a better place. And Trump is giving us more than enough reason to.

We need the world to see that being a masculine alpha male is not a bad thing. It’s a darn great thing. Your partner wants a masculine man who takes charge. Your children want a dad they know can take care of business and be as solid as an oak tree but as brave as a lion. This is what being a man is all about.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking that you are a masculine alpha who gives back. Here is the most important thing I want you to remember from this. There are men out there who are suffering because they have zero support and don’t have the confidence to be the man they want to be. And one of them is surely in your circle.

This is what it comes down to. It’s about MEN WHO WIN! You deserve to win and so does every other man. You deserve to win in business, win your family’s heart, win your community’s heart and win in life. And it will only happen when you do something about it.

So it's time for you to step up and have the conversation!

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