How To Become The Complete Man and Be The CEO Of Your Life 

Here’s an important question you may not be considering when thinking of being CEO of your life. Here it is…

Have you ever wondered why you’re so successful in business but unhappy or unfulfilled at home or in your relationships? 

Here’s the simple answer. You are CEO at work, but not so much at home. For example:

  • Do you have clearly defined goals at work? 
  • Do you have clearly defined roles and structure at work?
  • Do you have processes and systems at work?

Most likely, you said yes to each of the above questions about your work and professional life. But when men ask the same questions about their home life, the answer is often, No, nope, and hell no.

So if this is you, then you may be coming home to a messy, disorganized, and unstructured home environment that makes you unhappy. But that’s just the surface because this friction at home also could be the thing that’s holding you back in your business and professional life. 

The Incomplete Man

We call this being an Incomplete Man. It’s when business leaders and men in power crush it professionally but are crushed at home. Now, that’s not a badge of shame, but it’s something that needs to be addressed. Because being CEO at work and not at home crushes not just your relationships and kids, but also your potential to succeed. Here’s why…

Life Is Cluttered And Messy

You run your business or career as a CEO, but you’re not running yourself or your relationship like one. You need to become the CEO of your life. This is how you do it.

Your problem is not within your business life. It’s in your personal life. That’s the real pain point, and that’s the pit you find yourself falling into. It can be a dark and scary pit because how you feel when you clock off and put your feet up really matters.

Getting home to a scene of chaos, with relationships that are all over the place, can be very daunting. This is especially true if you’re coming from a structured environment into one that feels random. You may feel like you’re not progressing in important areas, and your family could feel out of control.

This can lead to problems. As you flourish within the business, you flounder at home, and that brings its complications. As a CEO and a man, you are used to being in control, and right now, that’s the one thing you don’t have when you walk through that front door.

Treat Your Personal Life Like It’s A Business

The Complete Man knows that he needs to treat his personal life as a business to bring success to both. It’s a fairly common misconception that the two can be separated and treated differently, but this will only result in the chaos and mess that has been described above.

To solve these problems, you need to embrace a new and fresh way of thinking. You need to start believing that your family can be run as an organization, and you need to start treating your family like a business.

If you stop and think about it, this makes sense and is highly logical. The Complete Man is great at organizing his office life, so why shouldn’t he be great at organizing his home life? Families have the same structures as organizations, and they can be run as one, which means you need to apply that mentality to them.

Create Guiding Principles For Your Family Life

You need to have a proper strategy around your life and the principles you and your family live with. This is akin to having a vision, mission, and true north that guides you and your family.

Just like in a business these guiding principles give you control and the ability to influence the “culture” by which you and your family live by. In other words, you become a leader and not a passenger in your family’s voyage.

So sit down and create a set of principles that the whole house has to abide by, even if it’s as simple as love, respect, cooperation, and kindness.  The key to this is to align your whole family to drive towards a common goal, a common direction.

When you do this, you will start to feel as comfortable at home as you do at work because the standard and organizing principles for your family will be clear. You can now calibrate, lead, and support your spouse and kids. Not out of frustration, but with a clear guiding light that everyone can understand and rally behind. 

Remove Or Minimize Disruptive Influences

To get everyone moving in the right direction, you need to minimize the disruptive influences around your family. You can’t just go all Edward Scissorhands and start cutting everybody out of your family’s life, but you can seek to minimize disruptive influence.

For example, with your extended family, you can not visit as often or cut their stays short. You can also huddle with your spouse to rally behind your family’s principles. Like….

“Look, we’re visiting Mom, and she means well, but she is not going to help us to live by our principles of love, respect, and kindness. So let’s stay committed to our principles and make an exit as soon as she flares up.”

The same applies to friends, places, and spaces. If they DON’T SUPPORT you and your family’s principles, then cut them out of your life as much as possible. And this isn’t unkind, it’s necessary and what you do at work. You fire those who are not adding value.

And you hire and give raises to those who do bring value. So find, keep, and nurture relationships, places, and spaces that bring positive energy and support you and your family bonding around your principles. 

And I’ll say it again because many men hedge on this point — as a CEO, you wouldn’t tolerate someone who brought negative energy to your office or who had a negative impact on your business goals, so why would you tolerate that in a friend? We all know which friends have bad relationships and put us in a bad mental space – limit your access to them!

Organize Your Family Unit

Organizations that have set clearly defined roles and structures do better than those that are chaotic, messy, and poorly defined. As a businessman, why wouldn’t you want your life to echo the best organizations out there?

That means you need to create roles that outline who is responsible for what within your family unit. This could extend to your kids, even if their roles are limited to their small spheres of influence – such as keeping their bedroom clean and tidy.

So as you create family principles, also define roles and responsibilities for everyone in your family.

Become Aligned And Experience Growth

If you are able to do these things, you will find that your relationships and home life will become much better. There will be less friction and more fun. There will be less chaos and more collaboration. And there will be an alignment that supports growth and fosters love and more connection. These are the profits of having healthy relationships and an organized home life.

How To Become The Complete Man

In my book, I cover more of this subject and really drill down into how you can become the CEO of your business and your life. This will allow you to continue unlocking your true potential as a man. Get your copy of the Complete Man, and become the CEO of your business and life.



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