The Future Of Marketing That Costs Next To Nothing

What do you think about when someone asks how you market your business?

Most of us think of the tactical marketing techniques: digital advertising, social media, print, radio, networking events and the list goes on.

But someone really simplified it for me years ago!

Marketing is just staying “top of mind” for your prospects and clients.

Because when you are top of mind, they end up buying your products or services when the time is right.

I’m a firm believer that if you have a great product or service, everyone is a buyer at some point in time or another.

And if they aren’t, at least they can refer you to someone who is.

I didn’t realize the impact of this small three-word statement until I really put it into practice, ACCIDENTLY!

I just started giving business owners free advice with zero intention of making money. It was just my passion to share the knowledge and insight I had.

It wasn’t until people started offering me money, lots of money, that I noticed something.

It’s not about selling yourself, it’s about providing value even if it doesn’t pay off.

I’m a firm believer of Karma, meaning that whatever you put out there eventually comes back.

I’m ashamed to admit it but there was a time when I hoarded my strategies and tactics believing that it was serving me better.

I was just doing it out of fear and it eventually bit me in the butt.

The world has changed now and so has marketing.

To be “top of mind” you must be an influencer.

And to be an influencer you must share your knowledge.

This is where I see a lot of business owners missing out on opportunities.

Regardless of what business you are in, being an influencer pays off because everyone is connected these days and the word spreads faster than ever.

If you don’t become an influencer, one of your competitors will (if they aren’t already)!

And clients will flock to them!

Freely give information and your best kept secrets and people will keep you top of mind. And when the time is right, they WILL buy.

Now I’m not saying that you should share your secret formula for COKE. Guard that puppy like diamonds!

What I am saying is, find every opportunity to help others and share your gifts, even if you feel that others aren’t interested. Trust me, people are interested in the weirdest stuff!

I can’t stress this enough! Everything you do with marketing comes back to one simple concept… staying TOP OF MIND!

Purdeep Sangha

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