The Complete Man Productivity System

3x Your Productivity To Earn More & Accomplish More At An Accelerated Rate

During this 10-day training, I personally walk you through the step-by-step implementation of The Complete Man Productivity System into your life. So you too can complete more projects and achieve your goals 3x faster.

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Sneak Peek into The Complete Man Productivity System

The 10-Day Action Based Productivity Training to 3x your Productivity.
So you can accomplish the projects you want and reach your goals Faster...

Day 1: GOALS


  • Why setting conscious goals is important for a man… and how your brain’s natural goal-oriented mechanism will take control of your life if you don’t set goals consciously…

  • Why “Bigger is Better” when it comes to goals.
  • The Neuropsychology-based Goal Setting Process. You will discover how to set goals that you actually find that unstoppable motivation to achieve.
  • Simple ways to separate Activity from Productivity. So you don’t spend time on non-productive activities.
  • Why your daily goals have the power to 3x your productivity. And how to do that.  
  • The Complete Goal Planner – A unique tool I use with my Top CEO and successful entrepreneur clients to organize and prioritize goals methodically.


  • The Complete Man Weekly Planning Method to block out your week.

  • A step-by-step daily planning method takes only minutes but can radically improve your productivity and sanity and help you have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

  • The Complete Man – Daily Strategizer – The exact worksheet my top CEOs and entrepreneur clients use to organize their day to have a lifestyle of a complete man.
Day 3: FOCUS


  • The single biggest thing you can do to improve your focus and productivity immediately radically.

  • How to take control of your focus by being more optimistic.

  • How putting more demand on yourself actually helps you to increase productivity. 

  • 12-Self assessment follow-up questions to assess and strategize to improve your focus and productivity. 


  • The truth about your energy and productivity. How high energy leads to increased productivity.

  • The 4 types of energy every man has and how to tap into these 4 types to have abundant energy each day. (so you can be more productive)

  • Best practices as a Man to improve your energy level each day.

  • The mysterious connection between the people around you and your energy level. How to surround the right people leads to better productivity and success.

  • Top Energy Drainers every Man should cut down if he wants to have more energy, productively and happiness.


  • The one counter-intuitive question you can ask yourself to improve your ability to get things done with people.

  • Why bringing out other people can actually multiply your productivity and, actually, save you time and money.

  • How being productive at home will help you be more effective at work.

  • 6 powerful questions to increase awareness and release limitations you have around delegation and hiring. 


  • Why your moment-to-moment decisions can determine your progress or lack of progress towards your goals.

  • Do your past decisions hold you back from making progress towards goals? I will show you how to get clear and break through those limitations. 

  • How to create unstoppable momentum in your life by leveraging your ability to make decisions.

  • The Complete Man Decision Log – A powerful tool you can use to track your daily decisions and get clarity on your choices.


  • The important role your daily habits play in your life. How habits determine your level of productivity and whether you will achieve your goals or not. 

  • The human habit mechanism simplified. I simplified the psychological mechanism of habits and how this knowledge can help you create new patterns or break bad habits that prevent you from reaching your goals & dreams faster.


  • Simple ways to structure your environment to increase your productivity and achievements.


  • The Complete Man Habit Tracker – A Simple tool to track and get the breakthrough awareness of your own empowering and disempowering habits. So you can take control of your habits easily. 


  • Why self-integrity is the most important trait if you want to be productive and successful as a Man.

  • A simple but powerful technique to flex your self-integrity and discipline muscles each day.

  • How to dramatically improve your productivity by measuring your productivity and successes. 

  • The Complete Man OMER Table – Simple but highly effective tool to track your progress daily.


  • Why self-reflection is absolutely essential to increase your productivity and achievements in life.

  • The 3 questions that you need to ask yourself daily (if not regularly) during self-reflection.

  • How to “manipulate” your “self-perception” to forge yourself as a productive and successful man. (based on modern psychological research)

  • The Complete Man Activity Reflection Table – A worksheet to help you gain valuable insights into your daily activities.


  • Simple ways to create systems for your life – Everybody preaches about systems, but few show you how. I will show you examples of developing systems to automate, delegate and exponentially increase your results.

  • All the tools I personally use to systematize my life and business as a Man.

  • Valuable questions to help you to set up systems for your life and business.


  • The Project Condenser Method – The same approach high-achieving remarkable modern men like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc., use to accelerate their ability to complete projects 3x faster. 

  • The Complete Man Project Condenser Worksheet – A helpful worksheet that helps apply the Project Condenser Method to your work and business. So you too can get results faster. 

Get Started with The Complete Man Productivity System

Proven System to Accelerated Results

WHAT’S INSIDE The Complete Man Productivity System

10-Day Training Sessions

Short, action-based lessons on each key piece of The Complete man Productivity System. Everything is self-paced. So you can go through at your own pace & on your schedule.

Access from Anywhere or Anytime

Accessible from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection, you can review, rinse, and repeat your training as often you like.

Action Based Training

This is not passive listening or reading. You get complete worksheets and exercises to internalize the apply the strategies and tactics you learn inside the program.

Multimedia Learning

Audio and text-based multi-sensory learning experience to fit main learning styles. And additional activity-based exercises to integrate with your nervous system.

Progressive Results

Each day you will learn and implement one piece of The Complete Man Productivity System. So you will experience the rise of productivity and the momentum you are building.

Never Expires

Lifetime access to The Complete Man Productive System & all worksheets with no additional fees or subscriptions. You can easily review and repeat from time to time...

300% Results Guaranteed

If, within the first 30 days of enrollment, you don’t think you will see a THREE TIMES RETURN ON INVESTMENT, you can excuse yourself from the program, send in your completed work from the first five modules, and I will reimburse the 100% of your fee.

This ensures you have zero to lose and an exceptionally productive future to gain. 

Why would I offer such an audacious guarantee?

Because I know this training program works… if you do!

This is the same productivity system I teach my very successful CEOs, Executives and Entrepreneurial clients.

Ready to 3x Your Productivity & Results?

About Purdeep Sungha

International Advisor & Consultant to Male CEOs and Entrepreneurs

I’m widely known as “The Strategist”. And I work as a personal advisor and coach to high-performing male CEOs, Executives and entrepreneurs. 

So I know what the stress of being a man, husband, father and business professional feels like.

Balancing a happy family with a successful business can be a struggle. That feeling of unease when you’re spending time with your family but constantly thinking about what you need to get done at work. Or when you’re working, but you’re feeling the guilt of not being the husband or father you REALLY want to be or giving them the quality time they want. 

And personal goals, free time and feeling FULFILLED in life, well that gets put on a shelf to collect dust. It becomes a cycle that never ends.

I’m here to tell you that there is a better way! 

After years of struggling myself, I created The Complete Man Framework that helps us, men, to have it all.

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Get Started with The Complete Man Productivity System

Proven System to Accelerated Results

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each session?

I created this training to be short but effective – to fit into your busy lifestyle. You should schedule 20 minutes per day to consume the content and complete the accompanying worksheets.

Do I have to go through this daily for 10 days?

You don’t have to do it every day for 10 days straight. But if you can schedule your time for 10 days, that would build the momentum and the habit required to implement this program in the long run.

If you can’t do this every day, at least schedule 20 min weekly.

Can I share this with my team?

Every individual needs to have a separate account for this course. Login credentials for this training program cannot be shared.

To activate additional team members, email us here:

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of enrollment. After you go through this training and implement the suggestions, if you find it a waste of time and don’t see an ROI, simply send me an email to I will refund your money within 24 hours.

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