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This Simple Formula That Can Transform Your Life If You Stick With It

Everyone is looking for that quick fix. That one magic thing that will transform your life into the one you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re one of those guys, keep looking. There is no such thing. After coaching countless men and experiencing what works and what doesn’t, I’ve created a formula that can change your life if you follow it consistently. It’s not a quick fix however. I don’t want you to think that you’re going to wake up tomorrow with a whole new life. Or that your marriage is going to go from being passionless to a romantic porno. Or that you’re going to walk into the bank to see a few extra zeros at the end of your account balance. It requires work and a lot of patience.

The Problem

The problem for most guys is that they are just winging it through life. You’re following a path that seems reasonable and is getting you some outcomes but not the degree or the pace that you’re looking for. As a result, you do one of two things: a) you continue on the same path thinking that something is going to magically change for the better and it never does b) you keep trying new approaches hoping that one of them will take you into the promised land. Unfortunately, both are time consuming and drain your energy.

The Formula For Transformation

If you want to change your life, it comes down to this formula.

Transformation = Focus + Emotions + Energy

We as humans, experience life through three mediums: thoughts, emotions and energy. The more you learn to purposefully direct each in the right direction, the more likely you are to have want you want in life and enjoy it too! It’s simpler than you think.

The Power Of Focus

With absolute focus, you have extreme power. Think of yourself as a magnifying glass, the more you focus your thoughts on a particular item, theme, goal or story, the more likely are to experience it. You’ll find creative solutions to overcome your challenges and you’ll connect with likeminded individuals who will help you get to your goals. Focus requires you to be extremely intentional. Every moment in life should be intentional. When you’re with your wife, be intentional about the outcome. When you’re with your employees, be intentional about the results you want. The more intentional you are, the better your results.


Emotions are powerful. More powerful than you think. Emotions get you to move and act fast. Emotions are much more influential than thoughts. A single emotion can get you to do something that you never thought you could do. An emotion can also keep you away from your biggest dreams. Become the master of your emotions, not the mastered. When you align your emotions with your focus, you have just tripled (not doubled) your power.


Energy is defined as the ability to do work. Essentially, everything you want requires and comes from energy. If you want more money, you have to put energy into it. If you want more sex in your relationship, it requires energy. This universe is a system of energy and energy conversion. Learn to harness your energy and put it to proper use. When you worry or have self-defeating thoughts or emotions, you are depleting valuable energy that could be used to create the life you want.

Total Alignment

Some things in this universe aren’t explainable. I’m a very scientific and practical guy. But I’ve seen first hand, how a man can transform his life just by aligning his focus, emotions and energy. I’ve seen failing relationships become filled with passion. I’ve watched financially unstable men amass great wealth. I wish I could explain it in scientific terms but I can’t. There’s something to this formula that tells the universe that you are ready to experience the life you deserve. Here’s the caveat, you must be more aligned than misaligned. You cannot create your dream life having misaligned thoughts, emotions or energy. It just doesn’t work that way. Be intentional with each of these three elements and you will, with time and consistency, have what you’ve always wanted. Let me sum this up…if you want to change your life, align your focus, emotions and energy in the direction you want. It has a multiplying effect!

All the best!
Purdeep Sangha
The Strategist For Businessmen

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