Episode 96 – The Seven Keys to Positive Transformation

New year, new you? Not if you try doing the same old thing that hasn’t worked for you in any of the previous years.
If you want a real transformation in your life, it doesn’t have to come in the new year, but it does have to include these seven ingredients.
These are the seven keys to positive transformation. Get them nailed down, and the rest is easy. Wanna know what they are?
Find out, and discover:
  • Why resolutions don’t work (and what to do instead)
  • Proof that internal struggles are more difficult to overcome than external struggles
  • What men who win do differently than men who lose
  • 7 beliefs you MUST have if you want to succeed
  • Why most people are lying to themselves about what they want in life.
  • The biggest way most men self-sabotage
  • Subconscious signals you might be sending that prevent you from getting what you want in life
  • Why taking responsibility is vital for leadership
  • The deadly downside of confident men
  • Why consulting is the fastest growing business in 2020
  • One lie we tell ourselves that prevents us from achieving
  • How your doubts are impacting the people around you
  • How to get energized about your goals again
  • And a lot more
All in this week’s podcast episode.
Listen now.

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