Let’s face it; as men, we’re capable of some pretty awesome stuff.
We forge societies. We run businesses. We build empires. We protect and provide for the ones we love. But we’re also capable of some pretty heinous stuff as well.
Most serial killers are men. Most gang members are men. Prisons are filled with men. And most of the world’s homeless are men. We tend to gravitate to the extremes. Is there a reason why?
In this week’s show, we explore why men seem to be capable of so much good, and so much destruction. We also look at what it takes to change a man from one extreme to the other.
Warning: Some guilty admissions are made. Both of the men in this conversation expose parts of their past that they’re not proud of.
Tune in and you’ll hear about:
  • How society programs men into being criminals
  • What causes bad men to turn over a new leaf
  • The real reason why most businesses are run by men (and why most violent criminals are also men)
  • What causes men to be protectors
  • How our internal chemicals affect our gender roles
  • Why good men aren’t doing more to step up and solve these problems
  • What real leadership should look like
  • And a lot more

Listen now.