Can a fat belly hold a man back from getting a fat wallet?
Being a high achiever requires a lot of energy. Maintaining a successful business, a happy family, and a healthy physique might seem like a bridge too far. But Purdeep manages to pull it off, and so can you.
In this episode, he gives away some of his secrets. Ballance is possible if you give things the right priority. Listen and you’ll discover:
  • Why personal fitness translates into financial fitness
  • What to do when you run out of energy every day
  • Why so many male entrepreneurs put their own health on the backburner
  • One simple trick to make working out a part of your daily routine
  • How diet impacts your business
  • Proof that age doesn’t have to slow you down
  • How to deal with conflicting health advice
  • The hidden dangers in our food supply
  • Why so many people are out of shape these days
  • How to make your body heal itself
  • What day-to-day stress is doing to your personal health
  • Why changing your circle of friends might bring you better health
  • And a lot more
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