People don’t care about the features and benefits of what you’re offering nearly as much as you think they do. Hitting them with a deadline or false sense of scarcity will only turn them against you. What they’re really looking for is to know that they can trust you.
Trust comes from two things; confidence and authority. If you’re confident in your offer, they’ll be confident in you. If you’re perceived as an authority, they’ll trust in your solution.
Why are we built this way? More importantly, how can you be more confident in yourself and position yourself as an authority? That’s what this week’s episode is all about.
You’ll discover:
  • What your clients are actually buying
  • Why the best product or service isn’t always the one that sells best
  • One simple trick that turns complete dummies into successful business owners
  • Why TV doctors with no experience can charge more than Ph.D.’s
  • How coke beats out Pepsi, even when Pepsi tastes better
  • The secret behind what drives good people to do horrible things
  • How to get people to trust you without having to sell them on anything
  • The one thing prospects are looking for when making a buying decision
  • A super-secret selling technique you can learn from bank robbers
  • And a lot more
Tune in now.