Some men are overflowing with talent and potential, and they let it all go to waste. Others are blundering buffoons, and they find their way to the top of the world. So, what’s the deal?
The truth might shock you.
This week, we dive deep into the psychology behind success and failure, unlocking the answers to these questions and more. You’ll discover:
  • Why some men stay superglued to their issues
  • How your identity might be tied to trauma
  • What to do when you hit rock bottom
  • How your interpretation of events actually changes your reality
  • Why some people turn into grumpy ass old folks (and how to avoid it for yourself)
  • Why some people can bounce back so quickly after a failure
  • How daily habits can make you unbreakable
  • The needle in the haystack that’s making everything harder than it has to be
  • The one thing almost every trauma expert gets wrong
  • And a lot more
Tune in now.