Focus on what you want and the universe will bring it to you… this is the premise behind best-selling books and world-famous gurus. But is there any truth behind it?
For some, this sounds like woo-woo bullsh*t. But science is starting to back it up. Maybe there’s something to this “Manifest Your Own Reality” stuff, after all.
That’s what this week’s episode is all about. We take a look at it from a grounded point of view and unpack the “woo” from the “real”.
You’ll hear all about:
  • What new scientific studies say about manifesting our reality
  • Why the Law of Attraction only gets it half-right
  • How perception creates our reality
  • What you can learn about life from a floor fan
  • The one way most people’s subconscious minds are sabotaging them
  • How music influences your outcomes in life
  • Why previous success doesn’t always lead to future success
  • Proof that your thoughts impact the physical world
  • One Crazy new discovery about the Placebo Effect (this one will blow your mind)
  • The biggest obstacle in the way of younger men in the modern age
  • The real secret to attracting everything you want in life
  • Why people who get lucky are never able to replicate their initial success
  • Why less struggle is actually leading to less success
  • The one thing to teach your kids if you want to set them up for success
  • And a lot more