There’s a lot of confusion out there right now about what it means to be a man. Words like “toxic masculinity” and “oppressive gender roles” get thrown around like baseballs. What’s behind all this, and what will it mean for the next generation of men?
This week, we look at the science, cultural importance, and causes behind all this confusion. This episode might ruffle some feathers, but it needs to be talked about.
You’ll hear:
  • Why so many people get masculinity wrong
  • The worst thing happening to men and boys in the current year
  • What role Hollywood plays in emasculating men
  • One reason women actually have to be angry at men about
  • How power affects man and women on the same levels
  • Why even feminists are insulted by “Feminist Monopoly”
  • How evolution impacts gender roles
  • Why so many want to deny the science behind gender roles
  • How words like “Pride” have been weaponized against men
  • Why men NEED women in their lives
  • And a lot more
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