Episode 78 – Men Are From Mars with Dr. John Gray

Despite what your feminist college professor might have told you, men and women are different. Denying this fact is ruining relationships and setting couples up for failure. Acknowledging it will put you on the road to lifelong happiness.
Dr. John Gray is an expert in men’s sex issues. He’s helped guys all over the world become masters of their own bedrooms. Now, he joins the podcast to bring his insight to you.
In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • How to get high without drugs
  • Why communication is the gateway to great sex
  • The biggest difference between the male and female orgasms
  • The hidden danger for men in a healthy sex life
  • Why you find your wife less attractive after marriage
  • The reason so many men turn to porn (even if they’re happy in their relationship)
  • How to bring your partner to multiple orgasms on a regular basis
  • Why you should never skip giving your partner oral
  • How football rejuvenates your sex drive (yes, you read that right)
  • The right way and the wrong way to masturbate if you want to last longer in the sack
  • How to orgasm without ejaculating
  • Why porn addiction leads to other addictions like sugar, drama, violence, and drugs
  • How sex and diet are more important than exercise to having a fit body
  • Why being a good listener is the most masculine thing you can do
  • The secret to having sex that lasts for hours
  • And a lot more
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