Episode 74 – The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make

More important than your circle of friends. More important than the school you attend. More important than the career path you follow. Choosing your partner is more important than all the other decisions you’ll make in life.
Choose wisely and you’ll have a pillar of support you’ll need in order to overcome anything. Choose wrong and you’ll have someone who sabotages you at every opportunity. So how do you make the right decision?
This week, Purdeep lays out his insights on making it work with the right partner in life You’ll discover:
  • Why we often chase the wrong people for romance
  • What to do if you’ve found yourself stuck with the wrong person
  • Why it’s so hard for driven men to find a good partner
  • The values you need to search for in a compatible partner
  • The 3 levels of giving and why you both need to be at a level 3
  • How scarcity mindset will destroy your relationships
  • How changing yourself can change your partner for the better
  • Why women always want to change the things that attracted them to you in the first place (and how to handle it)
  • The 3 things women really want from your relationship
  • And more
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