Episode 71 – Healing from a Life of Hate

Arno Michaelis started one of America’s largest and fastest growing hate groups. It was edgy and fun at first, but things quickly spiraled out of control. Soon, people were losing their lives and Arno realized the monster he had created.
That’s when he decided to make a major change in his life. He dedicated is time to healing instead of hating. And he’s learned a lot about what makes us tick along the way.
If we’re ever going to mend the divide we suffer from, as a species, we’ll need these powerful insights. Join us as Arno explains:
  • How a white supremacist overcame his hate
  • Why seeing your ideas in action can change your worldview
  • What changing your environment does to your mindset
  • Why racism will never end if we don’t treat all forms of it equally
  • The way that definitions of words are keeping racism alive
  • Why the far left and the far right actually need each other to stay relevant
  • What the root cause of tribalism is (and how to overcome it)
  • The best way we can move forward and start healing from here
  • And a lot more
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Check out Arno’s twitter at https://twitter.com/mylifeafterhate

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