Episode 69 – Healing From the Hate with Pardeep Kaleka

Pardeep Singh Kaleka lost his father in a vicious hate crime. A member of a white supremacist group walked into a church with a gun and it changed Pardeep’s life forever. Now he works with the founder of that same group in an effort to heal the racial divide in America.
In this week’s episode, Pardeep explains how he recovered from losing his father and what it took to get his life back on track. Part of that included confronting the man who started the hate group thateventually took his father’s life. That meeting changed the path of both men forever.
Hear their amazing story and find out:
  • How to pick yourself back up after tragedy
  • Why victim mentality keeps the cycles of hate going
  • Why identity politics are being pushed and what it’s doing to society
  • The one thing we need to do as a society to get past our racist past
  • Why censorship and ostracizing people only makes the problem worse
  • What holding on to pain does to your own mental health
  • How to build bridges instead of walls (and why you should)
  • What the heck Generational Trauma is and how it affects us
  • And a lot more
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