Episode 68 – What to Do When Tragedy Strikes with Pardeep Kaleka

It started out like any other day. The family was running late for church. Gas prices were up again. But it was a beautiful Sunday morning.
Then, an uneasy feeling set in. Squad cars from multiple jurisdictions seem to be converging on their destination. As they get closer, they see the whole block is lit up with police sirens. Something was definitely not right.
That’s the day that changed Pardeep Kaleka’s life forever. Had he been on time, his life might have ended. His father wasn’t so lucky. That morning, a White Supremacists had targeted their church for a mass shooting. Pardeep’s father was one of the people shot in the rampage.
But rather than let this ruin his life, Pardeep made it his mission to go out and start healing the pain of racial division in the world. Join us as he tells you his story in his own words, and what he’s now doing as a result.
Warning: This one is powerful and emotional.
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