Stop listening to the gurus who preach about the hustle and grind. Those things have their time and place, but you got into this game to win yourself some freedom. So why is it that most entrepreneurs end up being a slave to their own businesses?
We’ve all heard the jokes – an entrepreneur is someone who works 80 hours a week to avoid a 40 hour a week job – but does it have to be this way? Join us as we break down the facts and the fiction about “Grind” mentality, and what it’s really doing to your chances at success.
You’ll discover:
  • 3 reasons why always being in business mode can ruin your life
  • The dark part of entrepreneurship almost nobody ever talks about
  • How to tell if you’re about to hit your breaking point
  • 2 parts of your life you need to start paying more attention to, RIGHT NOW
  • How to get the most out of time with your loved ones
  • How to keep your spouse satisfied and still meet your business goals
  • Why most entrepreneurs never find the freedom they seek
  • How your stress is impacting your friends and family in ways you can’t even see
  • How to break bad habits and replace them with healthy ones
  • When the “Hustle” gurus are right and when they’re dead wrong
  • And a lot more
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