There’s a lot of toxic energy in the workplace these days. Gossip, harassment, a war between the genders; it’s all spelling disaster for some of the biggest companies out there.
How do you balance the needs of so many personalizes in your organization? How do you be a strong leader without the risk of offending or alienating parts of your team? What do you do when strength is misconstrued as toxicity?
This week, we take a dive into these uncomfortable but necessary questions. You’ll discover:
  • How being a father changes your business priorities for the better
  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy
  • How and when to tap into each
  • Why both are needed in leadership and which one should take priority
  • The biggest reason women fail when trying to establish dominance in the workplace
  • Why women like to challenge the men in their lives (and why it’s not a bad thing)
  • The one trait that will attract people to you and keep them following you to the ends of the earth
  • And more
Listen now.