Social media is selling your private info to the highest bidder. Ancestry websites are giving it away to government agencies without asking for warrants. It seems like nobody cares about maintaining customer trust these days. so, why should you?
As a business owner, the temptations to violate your client’s trust can be overwhelming. You might get away with it. You might get caught. But even so, will it really matter? Is keeping the trust of your clients and customers something that you should worry about in today’s modern business world?
This week, we take a closer look at this question. We’ll cover:
  • Why so many big companies don’t care about violating their customer’s trust
  • 1 major way trust affects brand loyalty
  • Why broken trust is so hard to fix with a customer
  • How to prevent trust issues before they even pop up
  • Why you should never tell white lies to your clients and customers
  • 3 tiny ways you might be losing people’s trust without even realizing it
  • What happens when your team members lose trust in you and how that can affect sales
  • How to establish trust, before people buy from you
  • Why you should turn away people (and how it can lead to more sales)
  • Why there’s no such thing as “too expensive” if you have someone’s trust
  • Why having a client avatar might actually be destroying the trust you’ve built up with your customers
  • The 2 key factors that make you more trustworthy
  • And a lot more
Tune in now.