Too many men are sacrificing their manhood these days, and they’re paying a heavy price for it.
Being a strong leader in the workplace has its own set of requirements for men in the modern workplace. We have our own set of social issues to navigate in the modern world. Trying to bend to the will of others is causing us to lose our way and our values right along with it.
So, what should we do instead?
This week, Purdeep discusses one of the most common problems facing men today… leaving their manhood on the table.
Tune in and find out why:
  • Why so many men reject their own masculinity
  • What lowered testosterone levels are doing to your leadership skills
  • Why relationships healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy
  • How your relationships at home affect relationships at work
  • 1 huge way the legal system is destroying manhood today
  • How sacrificing your manhood leads to sacrificing your values
  • 4 ways guys go about establishing their values the wrong way
  • How to get back up after you’ve had your masculinity attacked
  • and more
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