Let’s face it. As guys, we’re not always the best at getting in touch with our emotions. We ignore them, hamper them, and try to pretend we don’t have any. But could that approach be holding us back from reaching our goals in life?
This week, Purdeep does a deep dive into where most men go wrong when it comes to controlling their emotions.
Topics covered include:
  • What the true meaning of abundance is
  • Why people with the most are often still not satisfied
  • How not controlling your emotions can kill your self-esteem
  • Why self-esteem and success are not as connected as you might think
  • How to change your default emotional baseline (and why you should do it now)
  • Why desire to succeed isn’t always enough to make it happen
  • How to bounce back when you hit rock bottom
  • The real reason why most people never get abundance in their lives
  • Oh, and of course, our thoughts on the new Gillette commercial
You gotta hear this one. Listen now.