Episode 183 – How to Break Any Bad Behavior

“My life would be so much better if only I wasn’t ‘THIS’ kind of person.”

We’ve all been there. That moment when we realize that part of who we are is what’s been holding us back this whole time.

At which point, we start to feel defeated, like we’re banging our head against a brick wall and getting nowhere.

Well, there’s a way to get over that wall, and it’s a lot easier than you might think…. It’s also the topic of this week’s episode.

Tune in, and discover:

  • Three emotions that hold you back in your life and business
  • How to stop beating yourself up over your behavior
  • Why you need to stop comparing yourself to others
  • How to get results when nothing seems to be working
  • One major reason most people never advance in life (and how to overcome it)
  • Why to avoid those popular personality profiles
  • Where negative self-images come from and how to break free of them
  • How to set up the right environment for self-improvement
  • The easiest way to protect your mindset throughout the day
  • What athletes can teach you about reaching your best state of mind
  • Why practice leads to “Flow State”
  • And a lot more

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