Episode 176 – Why You Need to Get Back to Nature

The city is a great place to build your business. After all, that’s where all the people are. But it might also be the place that’s sucking the life out of you and causing your business to stagnate.

Maybe you need a break. Maybe you need to get back to nature. Maybe there’s a lot more out in the wild than you know about.

If you’re feeling stressed about building your business, give this podcast a listen. You’ll discover:

  • Why city life increases depression in people
  • Proof that some areas actually are sacred
  • The weird science behind where certain buildings of worship are located
  • Why some people can alter the energy of a room with their presence
  • What happens when you don’t wear shoes outside
  • How nature affects your sex drive
  • The biggest downside of modern living
  • What to look for when looking for your next place to live
  • One hidden danger of self-driving cars that nobody’s talking about
  • The difference of concerns between Canada and the US
  • One lesson on what to avoid from China and India
  • The silver lining to this pandemic
  • And a lot more

Listen now.


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