Episode 175 – The Hard Truth About Positivity

If you found it hard to keep a positive outlook over the last year or so, you’re not alone.

In fact, you might not have been wrong in your shift in attitude, but…

As a leader, you’ve got a responsibility to be your best, even in the worst of conditions.

This week, we’ll give you some insight on how to do this, including

  • The dangers of being overly-optimistic
  • Why some people have the power to change the energy of an entire room
  • What to watch out for in guru’s who promote positivity
  • Why being skepticism isn’t actually a negative thing
  • The worst kind of person to partner with in business
  • Why challenges can bring out the worst (or best) in you
  • How to keep yourself empowered, even in the worst of circumstances
  • Why some high achieving people struggle so much with depression
  • Proof that “book smarts” isn’t the most important form of intelligence
  • One way that we’re trained to be negative in society
  • Five tiny things you can do to improve your attitude
  • Why modern conveniences aren’t helping people be happy (and why marketers are partially to blame)
  • One major secret to being happy that ancient people knew, and we’ve completely forgotten
  • How struggle can actually improve your view in life
  • And a lot more

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