Episode 173 – The Gap – How to Mind the Businessman’s Biggest Pitfall

The path ahead can appear daunting, even for those who’ve already accomplished a lot. And even when you reach the top of one mountain, you immediately see the next peak to conquer.

As a guy, how do you keep your momentum, knowing that the end-goal is so far off into the future?

Long-term thinking and goal setting are vital to success, but is there a smarter way to do it? Is there a way to ensure all your hard work will actually pay off?

Yes, there is, and that’s what we’ll show you in this week’s episode. We’ll also reveal:

  • One personality trait that will give you an edge as a man
  • How to unlock the subconscious problem-solving parts of your brain
  • Why we get overwhelmed with our goals and give up
  • What to do when your goals get too big for you
  • Why asking yourself “Why?” is so important
  • How to stay motivated under any circumstances
  • Why you should spend time looking backward
  • The biggest mistake people make when setting goals
  • What to do when you run out of energy
  • The one thing you MUST do, at least four times a year to keep your business running smoothly
  • How treating your brain like a computer can make it run more efficiently
  • And a lot more

Listen now.

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