Episode 168 – If You Need Inspiration, Listen to This

Some guys have no trouble getting up each morning and chasing their dreams.

Other guys just can’t seem to make any progress on reaching their goals.

If we’re being honest, all guys can fluctuate between the two. So, what do you do when you start to get a little too comfortable and you feel your inspiration waning?

This week, we’ll answer that, and get into:

  • One new Netflix Documentary you need to watch, NOW
  • Why an experiment with mice might hint at the end of human innovation
  • The downside of being pampered and taken care of
  • One old Disney Pixar movie that holds a dire warning for the future of humanity
  • Why work can bring the best out in you
  • Some of the dangers from advances in technology and business
  • The one thing people get wrong about inspiration
  • Why we always think “the grass is greener in other people’s yards”
  • The biggest difference between inspiration and willpower
  • One thing your kids can teach you about inspiration
  • The main reason most guys never reach their goals in life
  • Five steps you can take to crush your goals
  • And a lot more

Make sure you don’t miss this one.

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