Episode 166 – Artificial Intelligence is Coming for Your Business

The world seems to be getting more and more automated. While it can make life and business a lot easier to manage, what is the price we’re paying for it?

Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in almost every aspect of life and business. But is all of it good?

This week, we take a look at AI, where it’s going, and how it will impact your customer relations.

If you’re not ready for the Robot Revolution, you will be after hearing this episode. We’ll explain:

  • Why customer service is lacking at so many companies
  • How some businesses are turning their customer service people into their best salespeople
  • The subtle clues people get while on the phone with you
  • A look at Google’s new AI personal assistant
  • Why IA will never match the human brain (and why that might be a dangerous thing)
  • Which kinds of jobs will likely NOT be replaced with AI
  • Where IA will excel in the future economy
  • How leaning on AI will destroy your company if you’re not careful
  • One thing Covid proves about Artificial Intelligence in the workplace
  • Proof that technology doesn’t always make life better
  • What role China plays in the global arms race for AI
  • The future of online security and anonymity
  • How to set your business up to crush your competition in the coming years
  • And a lot more

Listen now.



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