Episode 165 – Meditation and Productivity

Life can come at you pretty fast these days. There’s almost never any time to slow down and just focus on your breathing.

But taking a few minutes out of your day to do just that can make a massive difference in every aspect of your life.

This week, we look at the productivity benefits of meditation and mindfulness. We show how spending five minutes in the morning can pay back hours of productive time throughout your day.

We also get into:

  • Why so many guys struggle with meditation
  • How to tell if you’re “doing it right”
  • What type of meditation is right for you
  • The difference between meditation and mindfulness
  • What most people get wrong about meditation
  • The biggest reason you need to start meditating TODAY
  • The hidden dangers of everyday life you need to know about before you start meditating
  • How different meditations affect people differently
  • Why you should start thinking about how you’re thinking
  • What to do when life gets so hectic, you can’t find time to meditate
  • How meditation improves your thinking and your relationships
  • What elephants have to do with your ability to focus
  • Proof that most people are little more than pre-programmed robots
  • A secret superpower you have in life that most people don’t even know about
  • The difference between reacting and responding
  • And a lot more

This is one of the most powerful episodes we’ve ever released. Don’t miss it.


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