Episode 160 – How Free Stimulus Money Hurts Your Business

There’s been a lot of talk about getting help to struggling business owners over the last twelve months. This week, we look at how Canada and America both went about trying to accomplish this task.

Some things worked. Others didn’t. And some things went terribly wrong.

What can we learn from all this? And what can you do to help your business thrive in the next economic downturn/crisis?

We’ll cover that, and:

  • How technology and convenience are making our lives harder
  • Why “free money” from the government might be bad for your business
  • How some lawyers turned stimulus checks into corporate welfare
  • What roles government should and shouldn’t play in economic turmoil
  • One kind of business that should not have been given stimulus checks
  • Why free money can actually hurt some people in need
  • One way that family impacts your outcomes in life
  • The truth about our education system and one way it fails us all
  • The biggest reason most business owners stumble around in the dark
  • One great way to set your kids up for success in life
  • The real reason why the education system might not be around for much longer
  • Why being “irreplaceable” at work is actually working against you
  • And a lot more

All in this week’s episode.

Listen now.


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