Episode 159 – Get the Most out of Your First Quarter Review

Okay, we’re at the end of the first quarter for this year. How is your business doing?

For a lot of guys, 2020 took the wind out of their sales. Don’t worry. This week is all about getting back on track.

My clients were able to keep growing while most other businesses were closing down. What I shared with them is the main focus of this week’s podcast.

You’ll get the answers to:

  • How often you should be reflecting on your life and business
  • The three categories to be grading yourself to maximize your results
  • Why so many guys wrote off 2020 as a loss
  • One warfare tactic that you need to know for a better business
  • What to focus on when trying to improve yourself as a guy
  • Why achievement doesn’t lead to long-lasting happiness
  • The biggest reason 2020 left so many guys feeling unfulfilled
  • One Buddhist teaching that can make you a better businessman
  • The only kind of goals that actually lead to being more successful
  • How social media might have hurt your business in 2020
  • Why marketing went so off course during Covid
  • What to do right now if you want to turn stuff back around in 2021
  • And a lot more

You need to hear this one.


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