Episode 157 – The Comeback Coach

Richard Kaufman joined the military as a way to get his life back in order. An alcoholic before he was even a teenager, Richard needed something to put him back on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, military life didn’t do it.

After being kicked out, Richard rejoined when 9-11 happened. This time, he was sober and took things more seriously. Then, a tragic accident left him blind and on the verge of suicide.

To say he’s been through a lot is an understatement. But Richard came back even stronger, started his own business, and eventually became known as the Comeback Coach.

This week, he joins the podcast to share his story with you, as well as his insights on:

  • A simple trick for making new habits stick
  • Why helping others can help yourself
  • How doubters can be your best cheerleaders
  • Why military life can be dangerous for an addict
  • One way to turn tragedy into motivation
  • Statistics that disprove the myth of “male privilege“
  • How to help a guy whose pride won’t let him admit he needs it
  • The impact of Covid on guys, their children, and their businesses
  • How to get the most out of social media without all the toxicity
  • The best way to pull yourself out of a “funk”
  • And a lot more

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