Episode 156 – Brainwashing Yourself for Success

Imagine leaving everything you knew to start fresh in a new country.

No friends. No job. No way to speak the language. Could you make it?

Pankaj Sharma did just that when he left India to make his mark in Canada. Against all odds, he built his own business and is now flourishing, eight years later. But it wasn’t easy.

If you listen to his story, you’ll pick up a lot of insight about what it takes to succeed, even if you’re starting from scratch. Including:

  • How to change the energy of the people around you
  • Why some immigrants tend to be more driven towards success than native people
  • How language impacts your success when you move to a new country
  • One major reason immigrant entrepreneurs should watch more Netflix
  • Why you should ignore most people’s advice in life
  • Two major attitudes that will place you ahead of the crowd
  • The biggest way your own ego keeps you from getting results
  • One simple mindset shift that changes everything for the better
  • The biggest problem with being homesick for your country of origin
  • And a lot more

Make sure you listen to this one.

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