Episode 152 – What Is ClubHouse?

There’s a new social media platform and it’s taking the world by storm. It’s not a Twitter replacement. It’s not a Facebook duplicate. It’s something else, entirely.

If you’ve received an invite, you know why everyone is talking about it. If you haven’t, here’s what all the hype is about. It’s an audio-based social media site, and its networking potential has yet to plateau.

Purdeep recently joined, and he’s here to spill the beans about:

  • The biggest drawback of joining ClubHouse
  • Why the “Invite Only” approach is working so well for them
  • One great way to network on the platform
  • What makes ClubHouse better than other platforms out there right now
  • The pros and cons of ClubHouse vs. podcasting
  • What ClubHouse can teach you about making better webinars
  • How to get more features on the platform for your business
  • How to get an invite to join
  • Why Clubhouse is here to stay
  • What to know about BEFORE you join
  • And a lot more

Listen now.


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