Episode 150 – Emptying Your Cup

Sometimes you just need a fresh start.

The last thing you need is all the garbage from 2020 weighing you down as you enter 2021. But, how do you make a clean break so you can focus on the future of your life and business?

This week, we let you in on a couple of ways to clear up room for all the great things you’ll accomplish in the next year. You’ll discover:

  • One simple trick for achieving massive output with minimal time
  • Why distractions are success killers
  • The right way to set goals for the new year
  • How 2020 might have set you up for failure in 2021 (and what to do to overcome it)
  • The biggest reason guys give up on their goals at the 6-month mark
  • Why entrepreneurs take on more than they can chew
  • Proof the quitting can help you get more done
  • Why being first to market can ruin your business
  • How to get more done and make more money
  • The only 3 things you should be doing in your business
  • And a lot more

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