Episode 146 – How to Gain Through Pain

2020 has been a painful year in more ways than one.

As a guy, a father, or a businessman, we might worry that admitting the pain we’ve experienced will make us look weak when we need to show strength. But avoid the pain and not dealing with it can only lead to worse problems, down the road.

Here’s what to do instead. Listen to this podcast and get better insight on:

  • The hidden tolls that 2020 had on men
  • Why guys see showing pain as a weakness
  • Proof that men and women deal with pain differently (and why)
  • How to open up about what’s causing you pain, so you can work through it and get over it
  • How pain can be used as a way to bond with others
  • Why avoiding dealing with your pain prevents you from growing
  • One mindset shift that can turn tragedy into the best thing that ever happened to your business
  • One weird way that pain is like a bacteria
  • The main problem guys face when dealing with their own pain
  • How painful experiences can poison your relationships, at home and in business
  • Why we need pain in our lives to get the most out of living
  • Three simple ways to deal with pain in a HEALTHY way
  • And a lot more

If you’re looking for a way to come back stronger in 2021, this is the podcast for you.

Listen now.


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