Episode 145 – Five Reasons Why Men Cheat

No, this isn’t an issue of Cosmo Magazine. Yes, we’re talking about why guys cheat

Often, it’s not even about the sex. It’s about things even deeper that we almost never talk about as guys.

If you’ve ever cheated, don’t beat yourself up over it. But make sure you look at what really led you to do it.

If you’ve never cheated, here are some tools to keep you on the straight and narrow.

And if you’re a guy who’s been cheated on, the reason why might not be what you thought it was.

We’ll cover all that in this week’s episode, as well as:

  • How your home life impacts your professional life
  • The number one reason why successful men cheat
  • A few reasons why men get cheated on
  • Why guys stay in relationships they’re not happy with
  • One simple way to keep the desire to cheat at bay
  • Proof that not all cheaters are bad people
  • What women can do to keep their men from cheating
  • How Instagram and other social media have led to an increase in infidelity
  • What to do when your partner has different needs than you
  • Why you should never start a relationship with a girl you cheated with
  • The top five reasons men look outside of their relationship for fulfillment
  • And a lot more

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