Episode 144 – Sleep Your Way to Success

If you’re trying to get your health back in order, forget about diet and exercise. Well, maybe not forget about them, but don’t let them be the first thing your focus on.

Instead, focus on your sleep.

Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive, but hear me out. Justin Roethlingshoefer is a performance and data expert. He’s worked with professional athletes and high-performing business owners around the world. He gets amazing results, and his primary focus tends to start with getting better sleep.

In this episode, he reveals a lot of the secrets to why his approach works so well. You’ll find answers to:

  • What to do when raw talent isn’t enough to get the job done
  • How sleep cycles impact your daily performance
  • The weird crossover between data, sports, and everyday health
  • How your body and your business both respond to data
  • Why “More Sleep” doesn’t always equal more energy
  • How to gain 21 hours of productivity a week
  • What to do when your body rejects your vitamins
  • Why kids and adults need different sleep schedules
  • How sleep patterns impact your relationships
  • Proof that evolution influences your betime
  • How to hack your hormones and get the best sleep of your life
  • And a whole lot more

This one will blow your mind. Don’t miss it.

Find Justin online at https://justownit.co/


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