Episode 141 – Three Key Areas to Focus On In 2021

Whether it’s your life or your business, focusing on these three things will get you the most leverage in 2021.

One of them is more important now than ever. The other two are time-tested axioms of leading a good life and a successful business.

We’ll reveal what these three things are, as well as get into:

  • The number one secret to succeeding in all areas of your life
  • One way your social circle could be harming your business results
  • The hidden dangers of social media
  • The compound effect of consciously picking the right people for your team
  • What meditation research can tell you about running an effective team
  • The secret behind making your strategy work when the rubber hits the road
  • Why some businesses are doing better than ever in the middle of all this insanity
  • What to do when your customers refuse to adopt new technology
  • And a lot more

Listen now.

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